Sarah | Freelance Artist

Status: Open

Terms of service

By commissioning me you are agreeing to these terms!

You will get:
a copy of the large, full sized file for your personal or private use
a copy of a small, watermarked image for public posting online
layered psd can be provided for a 10% fee

With your commission, you may:
post anywhere, so long as you link back to one of my social media pages
print for your own private use as much as you want on anything you like
crop the image as you see fit, so long as credit remains with the image

With your commission, you may not:
Make edits to the image itself aside from cropping
Print your image on anything to sell for profit
Repost the image without crediting me

I reserve the right to post your image to any of my social media as an example or to promote myself. I reserve full rights to the image I create.

If you wish to obtain full rights to your commission, please include that in your initial email requesting the commission with the reason why you would like full rights, and we can work out terms to purchase.

I Will Draw
Animals of any kind
Fantasy Creatures
Mild Blood

I Will Not Draw
NSFW/unclothed figures
Themes with any sort of hate or bigotry
Mechas/Heavy technology scenes
Modern or Futuristic Cityscapes
Another artist's style. If you want their style, commission them.

Things That Might Have Extra Cost
Complex clothing/tack (dresses, armor, saddles, etc)
Dynamic Wings
Painted fur/Excessive fur texture
Super dynamic poses
Grass or Forest Scenes
Fire or Magic Effects

Note: Humans will require a visual reference provided, including references for clothing. I am still learning humans, so please be very specific with any human inquiries you have so I can know if I am able to fulfill your commission or not.

I aim to finish all commissions within a month. That said, as a full time student, sometimes things happen unexpectedly and I am unable to work. Please be flexible with my schedule. If you need your commission faster please let me know and I will do my best to fulfil.

I will send you a preliminary sketch of your commission after it is completed for approval. You will be able to ask me to edit anything you like on the image.

After the sketch is completed and approved, I will begin coloring and working on the final. I can send as many works in progress as you like at this point. When I believe I am 75% done with the image, I will send it to you for a final approval for any final edits to be made. After this approval stage, no more edits can be made for free to your image save for small color tweaks and additions. Larger additions will be handled on a case to case basis at $10-$20 per edit.

When the rest is finished I will send you the completed image.

Refunds and Payment
You may refund up until I begin drawing your commission. Once I start your image I do not offer refunds unless I am unable to complete your image, in which you will receive a full refund.

Payment is done through Paypal invoices. I will send the invoice.

I offer partial payments on any order over $50. If you wish to do a payment plan, you will pay half upfront, half after the initial sketching stage is approved. Conditions on refunds still apply; the initial payment is non-refundable unless I am somehow unable to complete your commission.

Art is a hobby for me, and I use it to make extra spending cash, nothing more. I want you to enjoy your commission, but I also want to enjoy making your commission. If you intend to micromanage while I work, want change after change, and generally move my process to a grinding halt, I am not the artist for you.

I will not print your image for you. I do not have the time to mess with that.

When you have read these terms and want to order, head over to my ordering page!

NOTE: My artwork is not, and will never be, for NFT sale. If you see my work floating around as an NFT, it is not endorsed by me and you should contact me immediately about it. Thank you!


Click the images to view them bigger.
Please read my TOS before ordering!
If you see something you like, bounce over to my order page!


A simple sketch of your subject. Not fit for professional style printing.

Headshot: $10
Fullbody: $15

No drawn background offered. Comes with a solid color, gradient, or textured background. Can be digital (left) or traditional (right)!


A colored sketch of your subject, usually with simple texturing or shading. Good for display on webpages. Not fit for professional printing.

Headshot: $20
Fullbody: $35

+$5 on headshots
+$10 on fullbody

Comes with a solid color, gradient, or textured background.
Drawn background may be added for additional fees (keep scrolling for background costs).


A painted style drawing with emphasis on your subject, comes with full shading and texturing. Good for display on webpages and can be made fit for professional printing.

Headshot: $40
Fullbody: $70

Comes with a simple background.
Complex background may be added for additional fees (keep scrolling for background costs). (Fullbody above is an example of a complex background)


If you wish to include a background in your colored sketch or painted commission, these are the additional costs.

Simple: $20
Complex: $35+

The example to the left is of a simple background. It has less texturing and detail. The example to the right is a complex background. It features more texturing and detail.

Additional fees may occur from certain backgrounds.


A painted style drawing with emphasis on the scene, usually with more dynamic posing. Comes with full shading and texturing. Good for display on webpages and can be made fit for professional printing.

Starting at: $120
Background included. Additional fees may occur from more complex posing and backgrounds.


A digital oil painting of a subject of your choice. Made specifically to print.

Abstract Style: $100 (Example: left image)
Realistic Style: $120 (Example: right image)

Simple background included. No complex background option.


Want to add another subject or character to your piece? Adding in an extra character will add an additional 75% of the option you chose, not including background extras.

For example: Colored Sketch with two fullbody characters in the same image will be $52.50 ($35 + $17.50). If you added a simple background ($20) the price would go to $72.50.


Check out my ARPG game pricing for potential discounts and ARPG designs.


Feel free to reach me by email for other inquiries or for artwork that might not fit into these categories, like character design or pixel art!

Additional examples of artwork styles above or other work can be found on my deviantART.

arpg commissions


If you are using your commission in a game I play and you allow me to include my own characters, you will receive a 25% discount off your entire image!

Applies to:
World of Reos


A three-image series of paintings that can be used as a training set, breeding rites, etc. Anything that requires three images, even three activities.

Starting at: $30
+$10 for complex character design
+ $10 for each additional character (3 max)


I can design for any game, just link me to the genetics guides.

Starting at: $10
+$5 for each simple marking
+$10 for each complex marking

Examples can be found here.

Ready to order?

After you have read my Terms of Service, you can email me using the form below or at [email protected], note me on deviantART, or message me on Instagram. If you are someone I know personally, you can also request a commission through Facebook Messenger or Discord.

Please include this form in your commission request.

Paypal Email:
Type of Commission:
Subject/Description of Commission:
Any further requests: (full psd file, would like full image rights, etc)

Thank you! I look forward to your business.